Jazz in Tajikistan. Bactria Cultural Centre

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Art, Jazz, Tajikistan
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To the joy of Tajik jazz-lovers, which turned out to be more numerous than we expected, SDC, headed by Mr. Rudolf Schoch did invite a very well-known and popular in Switzerland and abroad alike, Swiss-German jazz trio, ZOOM. The band members are: Nils Wogram (trombone), Philipp Schaufelberger (guitar), and band leader Lucas Niggli (percussions). It was Lucas, who found the way for the band to follow and creep through the forests of various music trends and especially of contemporary jazz.

The main peculiarity of Lucas Niggli’s music is lightness.  Thanks to the professional unison with two tenor instruments (trombone and guitar), percussions and the performance of outstanding musicians like Schaufelberger (a great tonal esthete) and Vogram (a perfect trombone player) even the most knotty passages sounded as light as a feather. ZOOM plays contemporary jazz, mixing all kinds of music possible; an approach that is very hard for an unprepared audience to comprehend. That is why we were a little apprehensive while waiting for the reactions with our hearts sinking, looking into the eyes of listeners. The storm of applauses brought us relief – the audience appreciated the skillfulness of the musicians. Could it be that Tajik audience was indeed starving for jazz…?

via Jazz in Tajikistan. Bactria Cultural Centre.


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