CA-NEWS : Tajik diplomats say that Uzbekistan is trying to destabilize situation in Tajikistan

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Economy and Resources, Geography, History, International, Region, Tajikistan
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CA-NEWS (TJ) – Unilateral actions by the authorities of Uzbekistan support the assumption of permanent and undeclared economic blockade of Tajikistan aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in the country, said the Embassy of Tajikistan in Moscow.

“Preservation of the current situation will lead to further deterioration of the conditions for the population of Tajikistan, threatening a humanitarian catastrophe in the country,” said a statement posted on the official website of the Embassy.

The statement notes that, despite the efforts of Tajikistan “aimed at the development and strengthening of bilateral cooperation” and “solution of topical issues in international relations affecting the interests, hopes and aspirations of the brotherly peoples of both countries, the Uzbek government continues a policy of confrontation and the use of economic, transport and communication, and other levers of pressure to compel Tajik leadership to take decisions favorable to them.”

Uzbekistan is systematically implementing transport blockade of the southern and central regions of Tajikistan through “deliberate delay of wagons with necessary goods on the Uzbek railway station” since 2010.

“From November 17, 2011 to the present time the Uzbek side, referring to the destruction of the railway bridge on the stretch “Galaba-Amuzang” supposedly because of “terrorist act”, blocked the transit of trains with cargo destined for the needs of the population of the southern regions of Tajikistan, thereby, leaving the inhabitants of these areas without the consumer goods, petroleum products, including hospitals, schools and other social facilities in the height of the cold winter and the beginning of planting season. At the same time, despite numerous requests and suggestions of the Tajik side for assistance in restoring this section of road that connects Tajikistan with other CIS countries, Uzbekistan has not begun recovery efforts. Moreover, reliable data said that the Uzbek side started dismantling the railway line. It should be noted that previously the Uzbek side motivated the closure of this stretch of road by the erosion of the railway bridge, but dismantled railway sleepers and rails of this section of the road are moved to the territory of Uzbekistan via this road,” said the statement.

via CA-NEWS : Tajik diplomats say that Uzbekistan is trying to destabilize situation in Tajikistan.


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