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Nomad Dancers (via Nomad Dancers-About Us.) is a collective inspired by traditions of India, Persia, Central Asia, Middle East, and Turkey, traveling across borders and bridging cultures in search of the ultimate dance experience. The Nomad Dancers proudly present Persian, Afghan, Tajik, Azeri, Uzbek, Uighur, and Ottoman Turkish traditional folkloric dances, as well as Bollywood and Fusion choreographies, at cultural events, celebrations and festivals in the Washington DC metropolitan area and beyond. The individual Nomad Dancers’ fascination and interests in the graceful, playful, colorful, and rich dance traditions from across this vast region, coupled with the dancers’ myriad experiences and talents, have inspired a varied repertoire of dances and glorious costumes prepared by the Nomad Dancers themselves.

While the Nomad collective itself is a relatively new phenomenon, created in December 2008, each of the individual dancers brings years of professional experience in various dance styles to the group, and have performed in venues ranging from universities and embassies to Washington DC’s Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to the majestic Registan Square in Samarkand, Uzbekistan; from across the United States to Italy, Greece, Cyprus, India and Afghanistan. The Nomad collective is dedicated to bringing master teachers from around the world to help us refine our skills and craft our choreographies, better enabling us to bring diverse audiences together, and to spread cultural awareness of the region.

Caroline Besley

Annetta Burger

Keely Fahoum

Parastoo Ghodsi

Annie Lum

Sema Muslu

Mindy Russell

Saghi Saghafi

Christel Stevens

Adriane Whalen

U.N. Day – October 2010

Nomad Dancers performed traditional dances in colorful costumes enhanced by the charming natural setting of the National Georgraphic Society courtyard as part of the celebration of the 65th Birthday of the United Nations.

Photos by Ellie Van Houtte Photography and Maria Dittrich.


    Selection of photos from our 2010 summer and fall performances

Performances include International Children’s Festival at Wolf Trap, International Children’s Festival Preview at Fairfax Corner, Reston Multicultural Festival, 8th Annual Washington DC Turkish Festival, and Children of Persia’s 7th Annual Walk 4 Children. Nomad Dancers premiered two new Uzbek dances and a passionate Russian Gypsy dance!

Meridian’s 4th Annual International Children’s Festival – May 2010

Nomad Dancers performed at this educational fun-fair that brought together the DC community and the diplomatic corps of Washington, D.C., as embassies hosted booths representing their country and culture. Nomad Dancers’ performance featured Persian, Afghani, and Uighur-style dance from the Kashgar region.

Norouz Around the World Concert – March 2010

Nomad Dancers presented a festival of dance traditions to celebrate the Persian New Year in Alexandria, VA. 
Guest performers: Kardelen Turkish Dance Ensemble, Raqs Jameel, Skyline Showstoppers, and special guest artists Olimdjon Beknazarov and Simone Verduin.

5th Annual Norouz Celebration at Philadelphia Museum of Art – March 2010

Nomad Dancers performed three shows with Rangeen Kaman youth dance company at this whole-day event to celebrate the Persian New Year.

Nomad Dancers’ Bandari dance from the Persian Gulf region of Iran, performed at Born 2 Dance dance showcase – 2011

Persian miniature and poetry come to life in a classical Persian dance to “Night of Love” by the legendary vocalist Hayedeh. This video clip is from Nomad Dancers’ March 2010 performance at the 5th Annual Norouz Celebration at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Excerpts from Nomad Dancers’ presentation of “Norouz Around the World” in Washington DC area, celebrating Norouz (the Persian New Year) with traditional dances from Iran, Central Asia and the Turkic World.

Voice of America (VOA) Persian News Network’s report of “Norouz Around the World” concert.
Nomad Dancers celebrated the Persian New Year and arrival of Spring on March 21, 2010 in Alexandria, VA.

Nomad Dancers’ performance of Mayya Mayya at the concert “Triveni: Three Rivers” presented by Indian Dance Educators Association of Greater Washington, DC.

In this traditional dance from Azerbaijan, the performers wear silver thimbles on their fingers to create music as they click on saucers or “nelbeki”. This dance is often performed as part of a wedding celebration by the friends of the bride.

via Nomad Dancers-About Us.

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