Pamir. Korjenevskoy peak climbing.

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Art, Geography

Central Pamir.

Central Pamir.

Peak Korjenevskoy climbing (7105 m).

Leader – Georgy Regetsiy, Russia, Omsk, 2003, K2 Adventures Travel Agency.

Peak Korjenevskoy (also known as Evgenii Korjenevskoy Peak) is located in Akademii Nauk (Academy of Sciences) Range, was discovered Aug. 10, 1910 by Russian Middle Asia explorer Nikolay Korjenevskiy, named by him after his wife, Evgeniya. First ascend – in 1953 by Russian mountaineers from Leningrad (now- St. Petersburg), leader – A. Ugarov.

Route description and climbing map for normal route is here. See also: special page dedicated to Moskvina Glade BC and 1992-93 climbing report.

Photos by Georgy Regetsiy, comments by Igor Fedyaev.

for more detailed view click on thumbnail photo

Pamir. Aerial view of the trail to camp-5100 on Korjenevskoy peak.
Pamir. Korjenevskoy peak climbing. Chopper on Moskvina BC.
Peak Korjenevskoy seen from helicopter before landing on Moskvin’s Glade. The 1st part of the classic climbing route – the trail to camp-5100 – is clearly visible.
Helicopter is landing on Moskvin’s Glade (Poliana Moskvina) BC. Now there are 2 possible flight routes: from Dushanbe (the capital of Tadjikistan) and or from Tadjik-Kirgiz border from Karamyk helipad (the latter is few times shorter). The BC provides service for climbers who attempts Communism (Ismail Somoni, on the photo) and Korjenevskoy peaks.
Pamir. Korjenevskoy peak from Communism peak.
Pamir. Moskvina field BC staff.
Peak Korjenevskoy as seen from Borodkin Spur – part of the route on Communism (Ismail Somoni) Peak.
Moskvina Glade BC’s team is waiting for you….
Pamir. Peak Chetireh.
Pamir. Peak Korjenevskoy climbing. Camp-5100.
Peak Chetirekh (Peak of 4th) is good target for acclimatization climbing.

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