Tulipa linifolia – Botany Photo of the Day

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Art, Environment, Geography, History, International, Region, Tajikistan

Tulipa linifolia

Daniel Mosquin

Tulipa linifolia

Today’s image is courtesy of James, aka whatsthatpicture@Flickr (original image | via Flickr BPotD Group Pool). James resides in London, UK, so the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (where this photo was taken) is at his doorstep – I’m envious! Thanks for the image submission, James.

Another species tulipTulipa linifolia is native to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. This photograph is a bit timely. On Thursday last week, David Tarrant and I were talking about how interesting it would be to travel to the Caucasus and Pamir Mountains to see the flora. Instability in the region, however, is a powerful disincentive.

As James notes on Flickr, this photograph was taken in Kew’s new Davies Alpine House – a somewhat safer place to see this tulip.

Photography resource link: for inspiration, the photography of Robert Turner.

via Tulipa linifolia – Botany Photo of the Day.


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