Through Law, Tajik Fellow Becomes Agent of Change | IREX – Civil Society, Education and Media Development

Posted: April 23, 2012 in History, Human Rights, International, Language, Law, Politics, Region, Relations

Twenty years after Tajikistan gained independence, Farrukhjon Ibrohimov will return from a fellowship in the US equipped to help shape his country’s nascent legal system. After completing his Master’s in Law (LLM) at theUniversity of Connecticut this month, Ibrohimov, a lawyer in the capital of Dushanbe, plans to strengthen the rule of law there by sharing the tools, knowledge, and networks he has honed in the US.

This year is one of sweeping change for law in Tajikistan, says Ibrohimov. That’s why he decided to be part of the Legal Education and Development (LEAD) Fellowship Program for Tajikistan. The LEAD program brings top legal professionals from Tajikistan to the US to gain firsthand knowledge of how law works in the US.

Ibrohimov hopes that in another 20 years, the legal system in Tajikistan will have helped communities become more tolerant. “I hope the country will continue to be one that cares about its citizens, that democratic values will increase, and that the freedoms of speech, belief, and religion that are granted by the Constitution will be maintained at an even higher level.”

As Ibrohimov learns about the legal history of the US, history is being made in Tajikistan. His colleagues back home keep him apprised of new laws being passed, many of which focus on corporate and commercial laws, in addition to taxation. “During this year, legal professionals are making an effort to change our legal system and passing new laws in our parliament,” Ibrohimov said. “However, there is still a long way to go to make it better, especially considering we want to create very investor-friendly laws in our state.”

via Through Law, Tajik Fellow Becomes Agent of Change | IREX – Civil Society, Education and Media Development.


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