Central Asia Institute » July 30 2012—Safe Evacuation from Khorog, Tajikistan

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Tajikistan

Statement from the CAI (Central Asian Institute)

All of us at CAI are relieved that Karin Ronnow, Erik Peterson, and Sarfraz Khan are safe and homeward bound. Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones, and remain in harm’s way.

The U.S. Embassy Tajikistan, European Union representatives, and Tajik government officials successfully negotiated permission for foreign nationals to leave the turmoiled Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) region on Saturday.

CAI’s indomitable trio traveled approximately twenty hours in a land-cruiser on the M 41 ‘Silk Road’ from Khorog to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. There were plans to be met by U.S. embassy personnel and U.S. Marines to escort them safely to Dushanbe, but once they were on the road they decided to “make their own way”. Local people and connections helped their journey.

Karin told Greg Mortenson via satellite phone on Friday, “The most frustrating thing was to be totally isolated and cut off from the rest of the world, and while we were in the middle of a war zone that made international news, we had practically no information about what was going on, even in the nearby streets or neighborhoods.”

More: via Central Asia Institute » July 30 2012—Safe Evacuation from Khorog, Tajikistan.


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