Militant Tajik Group Voluntarily Surrenders Weapons

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Censorship, Confrontation, Tajikistan

Government officials say members of an armed group in eastern Tajikistan have started handing over their weapons as part of a truce with the government. 

The Interior Ministry reported on July 30 that more than 60 weapons have so far been surrendered by the outlaw group.

In exchange, the government has promised that they will not face charges in connection with fighting last week that left at least 17 soldiers, 30 militants, and more than 20 civilians dead.

Fighting started when government forces launched an operation in the eastern Gorno-Badakhshan region following the assassination of a high-level security official there on July 21.

The government is still demanding that four people it considers responsible for the assassination be handed over to face justice.

Reports from Khorog say the regional capital is calm.

Militant Tajik Group Voluntarily Surrenders Weapons.


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