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Posted: October 6, 2012 in Economy and Resources, Environment, Geography, History, Tajikistan

At a recent meeting of TATO, the Tajik Association for Promotion of Tourism Development, its tour operator members affirmed that Tajikistan was stable and the country was open for business.

After recent events affecting the Gorno Badakshan (GBAO) region, home of the Pamirs and the Roof of The World, TATO is pleased to announce that GBAO has now been re-opened and tourists are welcome.

During the GBAO closure, tourists discovered the beauties and immense cultural heritage of the Fann Mountains and Zerafshan Valley in the northern part of the country. “As the home of the majestic Pamirs, Tajikistan can also boast the glorious Fan Mountains and the Zerafshan Valley with its ancient cities of Penjikent and Sarazm on the Silk Road, as well as the many tourist attractions in the capital Dushanbe and surrounding environs,” said veteran tour operator Mr. Surat Toimastov of Safari Pamir.

In a land ninety-three percent covered by mountains, reaching to some of the tallest peaks in the world, Tajikistan was central to the Silk Road. It is also the land where travelers can follow in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Marco Polo and witness the World Heritage Site, Sarazm, considered the cradle of civilization.

“Now that the Pamir Mountains are once again open to foreigners and tourists,” stated Mr. Shagarf Mullo-Abdol, the well-established Pamir Silk Travel tour operator, “[visitors may] enjoy the warmth of hospitality for which the region is famous, and embrace the adventure of these towering peaks.”

TATO welcomes inquiries from the international tourism community and will be in attendance at some of the major forthcoming travel markets to update all tourism partners. The next National Tourism Conference will be held on World Tourism Day, September 27, at the Hyatt Hotel, with three international keynote speakers. Mr. Fattokh Faizullaev, Chairman of TATO affirmed. “Tajikistan awaits to welcome you.”

Source: Tajik Association for Promotion of Tourism Development

via Tajikistan Update Tajikistan open for business and tourists welcome – eTurboNews.com.


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