Uzbekistan to lose $600m a year due to Rogun Dam | The Nation

Posted: October 6, 2012 in Tajikistan

Diloram Abdullaeva – Future water shortage due to construction of Rogun hydropower station in Tajikistan may cost Uzbekistan over $600 million annually in losses from agriculture. A new research of the US scholars on impact of Rogun project to agriculture sector of Uzbekistan said.

The experts, Shokhrukh-Mirzo Jalilov of the New Mexico State University and Tom M. DeSutter and Jay Leitch of North Dakota State University published said article.

The scholars said that water shortage will result in decrease of GDP of Uzbekistan by 2pc and some 300,000 people will lose their jobs.

The experts rates two scenarios – worse and more likely case, when Rogun power station will be filled in and will work in full regime.

They noted that 12.4 years will be required to fill Rogun water reservoir. This period will be difficult as part of Amudarya will be directed to filling reservoir. The main impact will be when Rogun reservoir is in full operation mode accumulating water in summer and releasing water in winter, which differs from the flow regime needed by downstream irrigated agriculture.

With Rogun hydropower station operating in full electricity generation mode in winter, the Amudarya River flow entering Uzbekistan in the summer is predicted to decrease by 18pc and to increase by 54pc in winter. This suggests that: one, during May to September (irrigation period), Uzbekistan will have a shortage of water; and two, from September to May, Uzbekistan will experience water abundance, which may lead to flooding.

via Uzbekistan to lose $600m a year due to Rogun Dam | The Nation.


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