Afghanistan’s Development of ‘Utmost Importance’: Tajikistan

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s Foreign Minister Hamrokhon Zarif on Saturday said that Afghanistan’s economic rehabilitation was of “utmost importance” not only to the region but to the world.

Zarif called on the international community in his address to the United Nations 67th General Assembly in New York to give exclusive importance to helping Afghanistan develop.

“Within the context of the withdrawal of the Isaf from Afghanistan, the country will require an exclusive importance not only for the region but for the entire world,” Zarifi said.

“For this reason, international assistance rendered to Afghanistan should be aimed, first and foremost, at its utmost economic rehabilitation, further strengthening of its social sphere, job creation, etcetera. In this regard, the realization of projects on construction of railways, motorways, power transmission lines, gas pipelines, etcetera that connect Afghanistan with Tajikistan and other countries of the region is of utmost importance.”

He also urged the creation of an international strategy for drug control.

“One of the important areas that demand cooperative efforts on the part of the international community is the prevention of illicit drug trafficking. It is essential that the international community unite in measures aimed at reducing both the demand and the supply of drugs, and integrate efforts undertaken at the national level into the international strategy for drug control,” the Minister said.

Afghanistan and Tajikistan share more than 1300km of national border, separated by the Pyandzh River (known as Amu Darya)

via Afghanistan’s Development of ‘Utmost Importance’: Tajikistan.


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