Tajikistan holds 100 tons of stream Gold reserves

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Tajikistan

DUSHANBE(BullionStreet): Former soviet state Tajikistan said country has mapped prospective reserves of stream gold deposits.

According to Tajikistan’s chief geologist Azim Ibrohim, prospective stream gold reserves in the country make about 100 tons.

The stream gold deposits mainly lie in the north and the south-east of the country. Over 1,500 work places will be created during development of these deposits, he said.

The geological exploration at the Hirshona deposit developed by the Tajik-Chinese joint venture Zarafshon found the deposit hosts around 10 prospective tons of gold.

Several companies prepare to launch gold extraction in Tajikistan, including UK’s Kryso Resources Plc, which plans to start gold production at Pakrut deposit in March 2014.

The prospective reserves at this deposit exceed 100 tons. The finds will be welcome news to the impoverished nation, which is seeking new miners to exploit its gold and silver reserves.

It will provide a significant boost to the nation’s proven reserves of the precious metal. The country’s mining industry currently produces from between 1.3 tons and 1.5 tons of the precious metal per year

via Tajikistan holds 100 tons of stream Gold reserves.


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