Historical Maps

WikiMediaCommons: Digital Atlas of Tajikistan

 VIA: The Tajikistan Update

20th Century

Russia and China’s Expanding Influence and the Rise of Afghanistan. During this time Central Asia was also known as Turkestan or Tartaria, a term that included Siberia. The Khanates of Bukhara and Khiva were conquered by Russia in the 1860s and still appeared as independent states on many maps.

Ancient Central Asia
In the ancient world Central Asia was known as Bactria and Sogdiana. The region was populated mostly by Iranian ethnic groups whose descendents include the Tajiks. It was first occupied by the Persian Empire and later was conquered by Alexander the Great. Several later empires arose in the region including the Khushan and Sansid. The Arab Umayyad Empire conquered Central Asia and brought Islam the Region. 


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