Pamir: fotogallery1

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Art, Geography



Selected Fotogallery

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Pamir. Avalance. Borodkin spur
Pamir. Near Communism peak.
Avalance ( Borodkin Spur, Pamirean Neve Plateau – PFP)
Central Pamir. Near Communism Peak
Pamir. Om the summit of Korjenevskoy peak.
Pamir. Korjenevskoy peak as seen from Communism peak
On the top of Korzhenevskoy peak 
View from  Communism Peak  to  Korzhenevskoy Peak
Pamir. Communism peak from Dushanbe peak.
Pamir. Communism peak as seen from Korjenevskoy peak.
Communism peak (7495 m) from Dushanbe Peak
View from Korzhenevskoy Peak to Communism Peak
Pamir. Communism peak and PFP.
Pamir. Korjenevskoy peak from PFP.
Communism Peak and Pamirean Neve Plateau (PFP) from Moskvin’s Glade
Korzhenevskoy Peak from PFP
Pamir. Korjenevskoy peak from Krupskoy peak.
Pamir. PFP and Communism peak from Krupskoy peak.
Korzhenevskoy peak from Krupskaya peak

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